One of the brightest minds in one of the oldest field...

Talyn is a well-known thought leader in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

Whether you are kicking off an event, reworking your strategy, or looking to add a fresh voice in diplomacy, Talyn can energise your audience with her candid and vibrant nature. With a British flair, Talyn is a pro in charming the crowd and has a way of making every individual in the room think about their future and inspire change.

A leader in the field of modern diplomacy, Talyn is excellent in breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes, and has a friendly way of helping even a lay audience understand how easy it is for anyone to become a diplomat or an Ambassador for their chosen cause.

Talyn can travel anywhere in the world and normally conducts speeches and training in English. For more information, please contact media [at] grassrootdiplomat [dot] org.

Short Bio for Events and Interviews

PRONOUNCED: Tah-leen Raa-man Figure-roa

Described as a “change maker” by the diplomatic community, TALYN RAHMAN-FIGUEROA is the founding CEO of Grassroot Diplomat – a nonprofit diplomatic consultancy that focuses on making diplomacy inclusive for all. She hosts a YouTube series called #bossdiplomat “Become a Diplomat” and is the creator of the “Diplomatic Planner”, a 12-month career development planner designed for international diplomacy. Over the decade, Talyn has worked closely with foreign governments and public sector organisations in delivering high-level projects for the public good. She is also working on Brexit in preparing diplomats with strategies in the management of civil society crises. A trained diplomat, Talyn holds a MA in Diplomacy and BA in Japanese and Management, including credentials from SOAS and McGill University. For further information, visit: www.grassrootdiplomat.org or www.becomeadiplomat.com

Full Biography

A trained diplomat, TALYN RAHMAN-FIGUEROA is the founding CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, a nonprofit diplomatic consultancy making diplomacy inclusive for everyone. With over 10 years’ experience working in international relations and government communications, Talyn coaches public diplomats on creating a personal brand, finding the right balance between managing personal ethics and conflicting national interests. She is the lead coach at the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy and hosts the “How to become a diplomat” YouTube series (#bossdiplomat), where she offers practical advice for diplomats to create the best version of themselves in a complex and highly bureaucratic environment.

Talyn has a natural affinity for visual communications and continues to advice governments and public sector bodies on strategic communications. A trained diplomat, she is the director and producer of several podcast shows including Grassroot Diplomat Talks and Diplomacy Engage, the lead consultant for all digital diplomacy and public diplomacy projects, and the author of "Women in Diplomacy". Talyn recently published the “Diplomatic Planner” - a highly visual 12-month career development toolkit for international relations to help practitioners overcome ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interests in this red-tape field. Her new book “Brexit Handbook: Management of Civil Society Crisis for Global Diplomats” will be out in 2019.

Talyn has a proven track record of operating at senior level, answering directly to senior management and Board of Directors. Consequently, she has assisted various foreign government projects including the NHS, the British Government and the Qatari Government, and continues to consult with clients working directly on public projects. This includes working with universities and state governments in improving their public brand and image for various campaigns.

A London native, Talyn has a truly international background, having lived in Japan, Morocco, parts of Europe, and North America. She is a polyglot and engages in various speaking engagements around the world.

Head Shots

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Sample Keynote Topics

Talyn is able to speak on a wide variety of topics related to self-development and public diplomacy issues. The following topics are a sample only.

  • Everyone is a Diplomat - An eye-opening exhibition that clarifies how everyone plays the role of a diplomat in the wider scope of international relations at home and abroad.

  • Personal Branding for Diplomats - Be a walking example of the things that you represent and care most about by implementing strategies that embraces emotional intelligence, cultural humility, self-awareness, and personal branding principles

  • Self Development in Diplomacy - Looking at the challenges of a diplomatic career and how to prepare oneself for a career fueled by protocol, bureaucracy and ethically-minded decisions.

  • Practices of Modern Diplomacy - How modernised operations in diplomatic relations can break national stereotypes and misconceptions at a local, national and international level.

  • Digital Diplomacy in the Age of Information - Fostering technology to improve negative perception through effective branding and public engagement

Select Past Engagements

  • United Nations, “Everyone is a Diplomat”, Bangkok, Thailand. July 10, 2019.

  • State of Qatar, “Sports and Digital Diplomacy”, Oxford, UK. November 30, 2018.

  • Federation of International Women's Association of London, "Women’s Voices Heard: Equality and Empowerment from Around the World", London, UK. April 27, 2018.

  • Essex University, "Responding to the Ever-changing Global Security Threats", Colchester, UK. November 18, 2016.

  • International Centre for Water Cooperation, "Grassroot Diplomacy in the Management of Water Resources", Stockholm, Sweden. November 17-18, 2016.

  • Warwick University, "Practices of Modern Diplomacy", Coventry, UK. November 16, 2016.

  • Business Club, "Diplomacy in the World of Trade and Business", London, UK. November 16, 2015.

  • Embassy of Kuwait, "Youth in an Age of Religious Extremism", London, UK. October 14, 2015.

  • Future Leader's Conference, "The Language of Diplomatic Leadership" Vlore, Albania. August 25, 2014.

  • Embassy of Bulgaria, "Bridging the Gap between Governments and the People", London, UK. November 26, 2013.

  • Karadeniz Teknik Universitesi, "Bridging the Gap through Grassroot Diplomacy", Trabzon, Turkey. July 1-5, 2013.

  • McGill University, "Global Democracy in the Information Age: Online Hate Speech", Montreal, Canada. March 16–26, 2013.

  • 7th Annual Warwick International Development Summit. "National Interest versus People’s Interest", Warwick, UK. November 16–17, 2012.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Diplomacy: A Youth Perspective", Rabat, Morocco. July 02, 2010

  • Royal Holloway Diplomatic Society, "Role of Diplomacy for Global Citizens", Surrey, UK. March 06, 2012.

  • Oxford University, "Bridging the Gap Between Civil Society and Government Leaders", Oxford, UK. February 24–26, 2012.

  • University of Westminster, "What Makes a Good Diplomat?" London, UK. February 01, 2010.

  • Kofi Annan's Global Humanitarian Forum, "Youth and Climate Change", Geneva, Switzerland. June 17-19, 2009.

  • Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, "United Nations in Action and Practice", Kyoto, Japan. 29 May, 2007.

  • Dhaka University, "Diplomacy for Youth Entrepreneurs", Dhaka, Bangladesh. July 29, 2006.