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Social Media

Manageable. Available. ACCEPTABLE and true.

Everyone is on social media but do they have to be? Not all social media is created for the same purpose. As a consultant advising diplomats on the matter, I help clients pick a handful of social media platforms that is right for their message and the type of audience they want to influence. By helping me craft your social media campaign, I can help you grow a modest following who align with your views, interests and mission. As a result, you will start to garner real conversations with real people who aren’t just shouting into the void.

If you are interested in growing a large following for the sake of numbers, I’m not the right consultant for you. I am interested in creating an authentic brand with a real audience who truly care about what you have to say.

Together, we will analyse what platform works best for your work and brand without wasting time, energy or necessary resources.