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Diplomatic Career Coaching

totally Effective. completely personable. highly specialised.

I have been coaching individuals to become diplomats for their country over the past five years with some amazing feedback and results. Unlike many career coaches, I listen and get to know you. I provide actionable plans that work and get you to understand your long-term career in the widest scope of international relations. If you’re not a good fit for diplomacy, I WILL TELL YOU but we will work together to make sure that your choose a career in international relations that fits your skills, passion and personality.

Working an hour with me will give you clarity and options in the field that makes you happy, gives you purpose and a sense of renewed focus. If you are unsure about where to start, what to do, or lack confidence on what you have to offer, I will help you assess your options, giving you confidence on potential areas to specialise in and help you plan your next steps.